It’s Time For Chi-town To Take Personal Finance Seriously

Chicago is a beautiful city with a population that is hopeful and resilient. However, the city has a major problem – poverty. According to an article on Block Club Chicago’s website, about 22% of the population in Chicago are living below the federal poverty level. The level is currently set at $26,200 for a family of four. The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot has pledged to tackle this unfortunate reality in the state that she believes has been the state of things in Chicago over the last 20 years.

While help from political leaders is essential to the whole process of creating a better economic environment for people who were not birthed into riches to thrive, it is imperative that every man and every woman takes their financial situation into their own hands and do all that is legally possible to carve out a better financial future for themselves, their family and the generations to come.

It is time for greater financial education to take place in Chicago. Each man should be taught how to handle the funds that he earns. Many first-generation wealth creators will tell you that it’s not about what you earn, it’s about what you do with what you earn. The education should first begin in the home. Parents who care about the financial future of their children should diligently learn and teach their children ways to position themselves for a better future.

Things are tough and talk is often easier than action. However, if we do not act immediately and fix the financial education of our people, we will continue to be stricken by poverty. Let us choose to rise up and transform our lives and our city.